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We are a hands-on support hub for companies facing creativity and digital innovation challenges


Juan Felipe Posada

During the past 15 years I’ve worked as an Art/ Creative Director and Head of User Experience for various companies based in different countries around the world. I like to create and implement relevant, innovative and powerful ideas; using digital and traditional media and thus, strengthening my clients’ overall business approach.


My capabilities as UX and UI designer are card sorting sessions, surveys design, lo-fi prototype on paper, wireframes, mockup design and visual design.


Daniel Ramirez

Ideation is not usually related to any methodology, which is a common mistake within product creation processes. Based on "design thinking" methodologies we can help you to ensure that your ideation process is guided, efficient and effective; in this way you will be able to understand in a structured way if your product is viable as a business, solution and an useful tool.


David Peñaloza

Hopeless dreamer and Architect with a strong interest and wide experience on a creative - managerial combined approach to entrepreneurship and creation of products and services for companies in design and real estate sectors. Consultant on innovation, organizations and business strategy. On the last few years, I have had the opportunity to observe and analyze a comprehensive overview of different business models from diverse perspectives (customer. company, academy) and I am convinced that any challenge on any organization must be addressed from a systemic perspective, where informed and context-coherent decisions are made.

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