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Development of an app for digital tickets in collaboration with a great bank.


Need Detected

Being the industry of events and concerts a growing industry (before the pandemic) in the Colombian context, the users and consumers of this type of event have been developing needs such as:


  • Increase the agility in the ticket purchase process.   

  • Better information about events.

To reach a solution and find other opportunities to improve this need, is proposed:


  • Know the stages of the process that require more attention and detect new opportunities.

  • Solve these stages efficiently and reducing friction between them (create a fluid experience).     

  • Start the iteration process: product testing with users, receive feedback and adjust.

Customer Journey

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User interface

  • Differentiated value proposal from the first screen.


  • The clickable elements must be effectively "clickable", resources such as subtle shadows tend to accentuate this feeling.

  • The CTAs must be clearly hierarchical within the interface design. Elements such as "300 ballots left!" they are senses of urgency that in e-commerce help the conversion.


  • Large, legible buttons that take up at least half of an adult fingerprint.

  • Use of photographs to intensify the browsing experience. 

  • On complex screens, use color conventions to better rank and relate elements.

  • In a screen that is part of the conversion flow, distracting elements and exit doors that interfere with the purchase process must be eliminated.


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