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Legge: Hybrid Chatbot


The objective of this Chatbot is to connect users to lawyers and their legal practices, on an automated manner, by customizing answers on record time.


On our work with Legge, we found that people not always know what kind of lawyer they need. By understanding the possible questions flow, we automated answers to direct to the specific specialized legal service best suited, with immediate responses and personalized advice to incorporate the user into the site journey, incorporating channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram into a single control dashboard.

As expected, this improved the overall experience of the user, plus a more accurate connection between users and listed lawyers.


Have conversations that allow us to immediately answer frequently asked questions about the product category and brand purpose.


Through multiple digital banner formats, direct qualified leads to the page and make use of our chatbot in order to capture relevant data for a subscription or transactional action.

Make sure that the investment on implementation is aligned with revenue goals.

Parámetros definidos

Immediate response to user

interaction 24/7

Content directed to specific audience targets, segmenting users, based on the keywords used during the conversation.

Information gathering and directing the user towards conversion.

Implemented on relevant channels for the brand users.

Get an additional source of data, since everything is tracked, to improve the chatbot and report on customer needs.


The metrics obtained are helping create predictive analytics: what

is happening on the market, customers, and business, in the

near future.

​​This Chatbot became a precise channel for receiving critical business information, that works as a basis for business strategies with a high level of customization and automation.

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